Selling Guide

Step 1 – Valuation

Selling your property in the shortest time, achieving the best rent, from quality buyers, should be your aim. From the moment your property is marketed, it is vital that your property is priced correctly as first impressions count. A vast amount of valuations are carried out every month, by our expert valuers giving us accurate and unrivalled knowledge of all property values in your region.

This is why, for all our clients’ properties we are consistently achieving the asking price.

Step 2 - Presentation of Your Property

The presentation of your property is critical in order to make a good first impression and successful sale. Address any DIY jobs that need attention, also where essential add a fresh coat of paint. It’s very helpful to declutter rooms to make them appear bigger. In just one visit our professional Photographer will take pictures to produce 360° tours, create floorplans and prepare comprehensive property descriptions.

The First Impression

High presentation maximises the interest and value of your property

bigmove take pride to ensure your property is presented in the best possible way. One of our professional photographers visit every property we are entrusted with in order to create the perfect picture to make your property stand out from the crowd.

Our unique marketing includes a prominent window display, photographs, virtual tours, colour floorplans and a location map are created for your property which will be marketed online with, and

Space and Lighting

Keep windows bare to let in as much light as possible and clean inside and out, also remove any net curtains or pull to the side and lift up any blinds.

We recommend positioning the sofa against the wall, as this allows the size of the room to be emphasised, producing a better and attractive photo. It is important to ensure any doors are not prevented from opening from furniture or items stored behind. This gives the photographer space to stand with the door wide open, which allows him to capture more of the room.

For the 360’ virtual tours, it is mainly important that the two most attractive rooms are well organised.

Present Your Home In The Best Way

Appling these rules will dramatically increase the sale of your home.

​Inside Property

  •  Keep all washing up and washing up equipment out of sight, including: kitchen towels, oven mittens, toothbrushes, shampoos etc. Clear all kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


  •  All toys, catalogues, magazines, laundry, carrier bags, tissue boxes etc. should be removed out of sight.


  •  All items with strongly coloured packaging including: food products and items with easily recognisable logos should be removed out of sight.


  •  Ensure all light bulbs work, especially all spot lights, chandeliers and above the cooker. Hide away all cables and wires, except for lamps, if essential disconnect all appliances.


  • Ensure all bed linen is neat and not creased and chose a light neutral colour.


  • Fresh flowers, vegetables and fruit are always beneficial.


  • Remove any dead plants.


Outside Areas

  • Ensure the outdoor seating area is kept prepared at all times.


  • Take away any washing lines and loose covers.


  • Trim the lawn and clear up leaves.


  • Place outdoor rubbish and recycling bins out of sight


Step 3 – Appointing a Solicitor

Instructing a strong efficient solicitor will result in a swift successful sale, hence we highly advise that you research which solicitor will act on your behalf, as this will help to avoid delays because you will have your solicitor ready when you put your property on the market.

We work with recommended solicitors whose details we can forward to you in order to help your house sale move along swiftly, bigmove have created strong relationships with all of our recommended solicitors to allow us to work together efficiently and smoothly preventing any delays. 

Step 4 -Unique Marketing  

Remember to make a first impression as you only get one chance.  This is why our state of the art marketing campaigns ensure maximum exposure for your property. 

Capturing quality professional photography and uniquely enhancing images of your property online and with printed media encourages more buyers to view, often resulting in a higher sale price.

Step 5 - Accompanied Viewings

In order to maximise viewing opportunities for your property we have longer office opening times so that viewings can be arranged for after work and at weekends. In relation to the market conditions our valuers will advise you on the best marketing method for your specific property. To maximise interest we may also suggest an open day or a block viewing as we use our expertise to help sell your property and have accompanied viewings.

Our offices are open from 9am-7pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-6pm on Fridays and 9am-4pm on Saturdays.  In addition, our phone lines are open from 8am-10pm, 7 days a week and we also offer accompanied viewings 7 days a week when required. 

Step 6 – Receiving Offers

We will inform you both in writing and verbally as soon as an offer is received.

We will check the tenant's ability to proceed before you decide whether to accept the offer and any conditions of the offer will also be forwarded to you in writing.

Step 7 – Offer Accepted  

Once your offer is accepted, we will continue to be of assistance by;

  • Preparing a sale memorandum which will be sent to all parties


  • Confirm the agreed price and any special conditions in writing to all parties


  • Take details of your solicitors and mortgage.


All legal aspects of your sale will be managed by your chosen solicitor and he will send over a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor, who will carry out initial enquiries. At this point you can agree on dates for the survey on your property, exchange of contracts and proposed date for completion.   

To ensure your moving process goes swiftly and easy as possible, our highly trained sales Progressors will monitor your sale as well as monitoring any chain you are involved in. Be aware there are no legal obligations until contracts are signed.

Step 8 - Exchange of Contracts

When the following has been agreed and confirmed Exchange of contracts will take place:

  • Upon receiving a draft contract of the initial enquiries received.


  • Proof of a good title


  • Queries for local searches


  • Confirmation of Fixtures and Fittings to be included in the sale


  • If applies, any highlighted specific issues in the Lease


  • Mortgage offer from buyer


Once both parties have signed the contract, the buyer's solicitor will telegraphically transfer or pay in the form of a banker's draft, the deposit (normally 10% of the sale price) to your solicitor. At this stage the completion date is set by mutual agreement.

Step 9 – Completion of Your Sale

Upon your solicitor receiving the remaining balance monies (normally 90%) by the buyer’s solicitor, this is when completion has taken place.

We will release the keys upon receiving confirmation form your solicitor that the funds have been cleared in your account.

Your property has successfully been sold! Congratulations!



Sellers Advice: 

How long does a sales completion take?

The time it takes a sale to complete can vary significantly, as this depends on the individual property and circumstances. However the average sale transaction will take between 6-8 weeks from the date the sale is agreed with the estate agents, providing there are no complications.

What happens if I don’t want my property on the internet? Will this affect me?

You have the right to reject your property being marketed online, however be aware, its standard practice to market the property online as this is one of the most effective methods to generate interest and buyers which results in the maximum sale price achievable, hence you will be limiting the overall potential of the price that can be achieved for your property.

My property is tenanted, how will I keep my tenants satisfied if there are lots of viewings?

We will always try our best to work around the tenants and not distract them constantly, one of the most effective ways are arranging open days/block viewings so the tenants don’t receive numerous of viewing requests. In some situations if after the block viewings, many further viewings are requested, we will advise you to offer a small reimbursement to the tenants off their rental amount for the time they were mainly affected, as this keeps the tenants happy which makes the process easier!

Do I need to freshen up the property before considering selling?

Please see below the 5 key points what buyers in the past have highlighted to us.

  1. Fresh paint and neutral colours
  2. Interior improvements
  3. Electrical repairs completed
  4. Plumbing repairs completed
  5. Landscaping

Obviously the more works carried out the better impression and value of the property. Just ensure the property appears fresh, clean and all repairs completed, however be careful not to overspend as many buyers have their own preferences and tastes.

What’s the best way to achieve the best possible price for my property?

Establish a strategy: bigmove will discuss what is important to you, this may be time you need to sell by or you need to achieve a specific price or you need to find your next home in a certain area. These are a few reasons however there could be others once we establish your needs we will advise the best strategy and tailor this to you.

Give yourself realistic time frames:  From the first month of being on the market is when most interest is generated from buyers. Therefore if no offers have been received, then this could be due to a number of reasons, hence it’s important to listen to our advice to work out the next plan of action, which could include a price reduction. However we advise not to do this too soon, but equally, don’t wait too long otherwise the property may come across as stale.

Know your market: Comparing your price with other guide prices is not the way to go, therefore to establish your property value its best to research a variety of websites to gage what houses on the same road sold for, as well as similar sized homes further afield. To see how the current market actually is also check to see what houses similar to yours have sold for in the last couple of months.

Do I need to be at the property when the agency conducts viewings?

You are no required to be at home during viewings and overall most buyers prefer only the agent to show them round so they can ask as many questions as possible and gather their own thoughts rather than feeling under pressure. Always ensure access arrangements are made and the easiest is to provide a spare set of keys to the agents as sometimes there are last minute viewings requests, if we are unable to gain immediate access then you could lose out on a potential buyer.

Does Stamp Duty still apply to me?

The buyers pay the tax not vendors so as it stands you are not liable for any stamp duty. In addition you are also free from any capital gains tax liability if the property has only been used as your main residence. For homes which have been let out the rules will differ.  

How much will it cost to sell my property?

This will vary from agent to agent and is dependent on the service you chose such as sole agency or joint agency. Typically the average cost for sole agency will be around 2% and for joint agency will be around 3%. Most corporate agents have fixed fees, where a good independent agent will normally be a little flexible and will be happy to negotiate with fees hence it’s always a good idea to ask.

Having said that do be aware not to go for the cheapest agent as you will most likely receive a poor quality service, hence its always best to go for a quality service along with a reasonable fee. For more information call our sales team today so we can be more specific to your needs!

How to choose the right estate agent?

Research what properties the agent has sold which are located in and around your area, also check out their reviews paying main attention to the sellers and buyers reviews as these are what will be relevant to you. Invite them for a valuation and ask what they will do different compared to the other agents. Ask as many questions as you wish, a good agent will be happy to answer all questions in great detail and go above and beyond!