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Complaint Procedure

Branch Staff

Please discuss your complaint with a member of our branch staff who will aim to deal with your problem as fairly and swiftly as possible.

Branch Manager

If you are not satisfied with your complaint being resolved, please send an email to reception@bigmove.uk.com and this will be forwarded to the branch manager. The manager will try to resolve the matter within 48 hours of you raising your complaint, however, depending on the details of your complaint this may vary.

Managing Director

If you are still not satisfied with the response from our branch manager please ask your complaint to be referred to the managing director.  You must highlight in writing, why you are still dissatisfied and what further action you would like bigmove estate agents to take to fully resolve your complaint. You will receive a response within 3 working days including the nature of your complaint and the time period we will be able to reply to your complaint in further detail. 

At this point you may be asked for further information if needed. Within 16 working days your complaint will be fully investigated by the managing director and you should receive a formal written outcome of the investigation. 

Final Response

By the end of six weeks following receipt of your complaint, in the majority of cases (except exceptional cases), bigmove will have provided you with a written final response accompanied by The Property Ombudsman Consumer Guide.

The Property Ombudsman

You may write to The Property Ombudsman if you are still dissatisfied with the action taken by bigmove estate agents. Please find the relevant details on their website:  www.tpos.co.uk which will highlight the process you need to follow.