The Five Best Restaurants For Valentines...

The Five Best Restaurants For Valentines...

Take your partner to one of the best restaurants they could dream of in London. Be prepared for a magical, romantic and heart warming night. This Valentines day will always have a special place in your heart.

1. Booking Office- Educe the romance at the Booking Office, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel’s magnificent restaurant.

2. Ormer- For historic glamour and some of the greatest cooking in the capital, you can’t beat underground restaurant Ormer.

3. The Balcon- The Balcon’s swirling staircases, balconies and wonderful chandeliers are the stuff of fairy-tales.

4. Sky Garden- Sky Garden has a rep for being a bit on the sterile side, but nobody can deny that its 360 degree views are the best in London.

5. Clos Maggiore- And finally, Clos Maggiore is often flaunted as London’s most romantic restaurant, however, with a six month waiting list for a table, you’ve got no chance of getting in this Valentine’s Day.

Consider this your mild reminder to make a reservation now for next year.

It’s vital to remember to ask for a table in the conservatory