High Street Agents

High Street Agents

In recent weeks, the debate has been intense about who offers the more superior service. Is it online agents or their high-street counterparts?

The advantages of High Street Agents

The most important being a sense of legitimacy.

As our internet use grows more sophisticated, so too do the scams that riddle it. Internet sales site, Gumtree, has been beset by phoney landlords placing adverts on it. Whilst property portal Rightmove was also recently targeted by scammers, who sent out personalised emails which demanded users pay deposits to view their dream properties.

Traditional agents have the edge when it comes to offering local knowledge and guided viewings. Although the more effective online agents offer local area breakdowns and can organise viewings for their clients, they don’t attend them and often don’t have a specialist knowledge of the area they operate in. Because of this, high-street agents can offer a more personalised hands-on experience.

What’s The Solution?

We don't believe it comes down to standing out or keeping up. Instead, it is a hybrid approach that remains the most effective way to offer the best of both worlds. High street agents who haven't already developed a stellar web presence, should make sure that their websites are tablet compatible (50 percent of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices). An effective social media presence could also mimic the online agent’s referral system.