Half Way Through The Year...

Half Way Through The Year...

Stamp the half way mark as we are in June, summer is round the corner and we camt wait for that BBQ season, that sticky dripping icecream season, the season where everyone is enjoying the sun.

Here is 15 amazing things to do in the summer:

  1.  Write a post about capturing the summer moments and translating those experiences to other seasons

  2.  Revisit some projects that you don’t have time to during busier months (if summer is a slower time for you)

  3. Create a roundup of BBQ recipes

  4. Write about how you keep fit and healthy during the summer

  5. 2 words: DIY popsicles. There are SO many out there–but who’d say no to another?

  6. Complete a 30 day photo project and blog the experience

  7. Do a style post about what you’re living in this summer

  8. Brainstorm things you can do for your blog this summer 

  9. Organize a meet up with local bloggers + write about it

  10. Create a day for yourself and then recap it. I think summer is a great time to get a way with time off, and you can still be productive while away.

  11. Take the time to look up 10 books to add to a summer “want to read” list and share it

  12. Try to recreate a day from your childhood or teen years

  13. Find a way to create the carefree feelings of a vacation at home

  14. Whip up some DIY summer beauty or health treatments from Pinterest and write your results

  15. Create a roundup based on your fave summer fashion trends and how you’d do them differently.

Let me know how it goes...